Jet:  A Fast Paced Reading Intervention

• Jet was designed for individuals with dyslexia 14 years and older
• Jet is a one-year, evidence-based dyslexia intervention
• Jet is designed to be one-on-one or small group instruction (no more than six students)
• Jet is taught by a Certified Academic Language Therapist
• Jet is to be taught four days a week (60 minutes per day for one year) or five days a week (45 minutes per day)

Scottish Rite Learning Center of  South Texas has scheduled the next Jet Training for Tuesday, July 16, 2024, 8AM to 4PM (6 Contact Hours)

Jet Training Cost – $125 Payable to Scottish Rite Learning Center of South Texas

Jet Training kits need to be purchased directly from the Scottish Rite Hospital for Children for $535.00. This is required to bring to class.